Science & Cocktails #13 : The Creativity Code par Marcus du Sautoy

lundi 9 septembre 2019
20h30 > 23h30
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Atelier 210
210 chaussée Saint-Pierre - 1040 Bruxelles
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Mathématique, Sciences et société

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7€ with a cocktail


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Humans are increasingly handing over our decision making responsibilities to complex algorithms; whether it’s to decide the music we listen to, the partners we date, or driving our investments. What happens when those algorithms go one step further and learn, adapt, and create like humans?

In the first Science and Cocktails of the season, Professor Marcus du Sautoy looks at the nature of creativity and asks how long it will be before computers can compose a symphony, write a Nobel Prize-winning novel or paint a masterpiece. And if so, would we be able to tell the difference? As humans, we have an extraordinary ability to create works of art that elevate, expand and transform what it means to be alive. Yet in many other areas, new developments in AI are shaking up the status quo, as we find out how many of the tasks humans engage in can be done equally well, if not better, by machines.

But can machines be creative? Will they soon be able to learn from the art that moves us, and understand what distinguishes it from the mundane? Du Sautoy asks how much of our emotional response to a great work of art is down to our brains reacting to pattern and structure and explores what it is to be creative in mathematics, art, language and music. Could machines come up with something creative, and might that push us into being more imaginative in turn?

After the talk, there will be time to get our creative juices flowing with some homemade smoking cocktails and live music!

Entrance fee is 7 euros and includes a free cocktail (or any other drink from the bar). The event is held in English.


Marcus du Sautoy

British mathematician, author, and popularizer of science and mathematics. In 1996 he was awarded the Title of Distinction of Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and in 2008, he was appointed to the Simonyi Professorship for the Public Understanding of Science and a fellowship at New College. He is the former President of the Mathematical Association, an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Senior Media Fellow, and a Royal Society University Research Fellow. Besides being a world renown mathematician in the field of group theory and number theory, Du Sautoy frequently writes for The Guardian and The Times and has authored several popular science and mathematics books, such as « The music of the primes » and most recently « The Creativity Code ».Website

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