Pick up a star, I will tell you what it’s made of #7 par Sophie Van Eck (ULB)

mercredi 27 juin 2018
19h30 > 22h30
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1030 Café
100, Avenue Jan Stobaertslaan - 1030 Schaerbeek
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Astronomie, Physique

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Talk Cosmic to Me featuring Space Cafe Global Brussels

7# Pick up a star, I will tell you what it’s made of ⭐


🎂 It’s our almost-birthday edition, already one year of space talks! 🎂


At this occasion, we will wonder: what do we call a star? What are the ingredients to make one? How can we know the composition of a star millions of lightyears from here? Sophie Van Eck is a teacher at ULB – Université libre de Bruxelles, specialized in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Spectroscopy. So, when she is not in front of students, she looks at the stars and tries to find out what they are made of. She will be the person answering all of your questions during this next event!


Bring a friend and join us at the 1030 Café for a beer and a very cosmic evening 🍻


By the way, what’s that thing? Talk Cosmic to Me is a bimonthly itinerant space café. While showing you cosmic pictures, an intergalactic speaker talks about space for 30 min. You don’t know a thing about that, or not so much, or a little bit though? No worries, you just have to be curious.


🕣 Schedule 🕣
19h30 – We start the engine
20h00 – Liftoff with the talk of Sophie Van Eck
20h30 – We land but the journey continues with questions and deep conversations about astronauts, spationauts, stars, the universe and the rest… And a Jam Drawing Session to stay in the space vibe.

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